Nano Flowcell Quantino : 2016

The first production-ready low-voltage electric vehicle.
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NanoFlowcell AG: Quantino debuts as the first production-ready low-voltage electric vehicle equipped with the nanoFlowcell® powertrain.

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2016 Nano Flowcell Quantino.

As the first street-legal low-voltage EV of the Quant series, the Quantino with nanoFlowcell® powertrain is premiering in its “near standard” configuration at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. Following further pre-production tests during the first half of 2016, nanoFlowcell AG is now considering a small-batch production run.

NanoFlowcell AG has announced it will be at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show presenting the development progress achieved with its Quant range of models and their nanoFlowcell® powertrain technology.

The nanoFlowcell AG exhibition stand in Hall 1 will be showcasing not just the Quant E but also and especially the Quant F Evolution sports model – reconfigured to near-production standard – and the newly developed city sports model Quantino.

Starting its career as a mere concept vehicle in 2015, the Quantino has been completely revised.

Featuring the nanoFlowcell® powertrain integral to its credentials as a low-voltage car, this model heralds the next generation of electric vehicles. Rated at just 48 volts and with an output of 80 kW / 109 HPmetric split between four electric motors, the all-wheel drive Quantino represents a significant improvement on the one-fill, one-charge range achievable with electric vehicles. As in the case of the Quant FE, production of the modular-designed Quantino in a small-batch run is essentially possible, with a feasibility study due this year to provide the basis for the final decision.

First low-voltage electric vehicle with nanoFlowcell® drive is licensed for road use in Europe. First test drives planned for 2016.

As announced by nanoFlowcell AG, the latest scion of the Quant model range, the Quantino, has recently been licensed for road use by the SGS-TÜV Saar. Presented in early 2015 at the Geneva International Motor Show as a concept vehicle, the Quantino is now the second vehicle with nanoFlowcell® technology, alongside the Quant-E, with official permission to drive on European roads.

Its unique feature is the nanoFlowcell® drive - the answer to the long-term need for alternative fuels - with which nanoFlowcell AG is paving the way for future mobility that is both clean and safe.

Measuring 3.91 metres long and weighing in at 1420 kilograms, the 2+2-seater is also notable for its low-voltage electrical system. The electric drive in the Quantino has a rated voltage of just 48 volts, yet generates 80 kW / 108 hp and accelerates the city sports car for everyday use from zero to 100 km/h in less than five seconds. The top speed of the nanoFlowcell® vehicle is 200 km/h.

The low-voltage system in the Quantino works with the nanoFlowcell® drive to form an exceptionally efficient symbiosis that promises a significantly greater potential range compared with the HV systems commonly used in electric vehicles. Furthermore, it eliminates the danger of electric shocks that can be caused by a high-voltage system in the event of an accident or when undertaking repair work to HV components.

The innovative nanoFlowcell® vehicle runs with absolutely no emissions. The ionic liquid, which is harmless to the environment and to health, is also cost-effective to produce.

Under normal driving conditions, the Quantino can cover a theoretical range of more than 1,000 kilometres on a single tank. Precise range figures will be determined during test driving to be conducted on European roads in 2016.

Despite all its innovations, the Quantino is remarkably straightforward to drive and as easy to control as a conventional electric car or a petrol-driven vehicle. It also comes with plenty of electro-dynamic driving fun and a whisper-quiet soundtrack. Likewise, filling up the Quantino with ionic liquid involves a process similar to that for a petrol-powered vehicle - with a hose and a refuelling nozzle.

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2016 Nano Flowcell Quantino.

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2016 Nano Flowcell Quantino.

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2016 Nano Flowcell Quantino.

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2016 Nano Flowcell Quantino.

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Nano Flowcell   Founded in 2013
Nano Flowcell Quant E Sportlimousine : 2016   The “super model among super models”.
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