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Built from scratch, with a digital core.
It’s a seamless integration of technology and connectivity from the ground up. The car is always online via Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can connect to it from anywhere in the world.

lynkco 01 city 17 3

2019 Lynk & Co 01 City.

Each model comes with all the extras, standard, for one fixed price — no surprise charges, no negotiation. It’s simple to shop and place an order online, and it will be delivered right to your home.

Whether you want to buy it or just borrow it, subscribe or share, there’s options for every level of necessity and commitment.

The key is an app.
Apps are at the heart of Lynk & Co. An app is not only the key to your car, but the connection between you and every car, and a way to access rich options from Co:Labs to improve your experience.

Sharing is effortless as is borrowing.
With the app, you can easily share your car when you’re not using it. All the other driver needs is your permission and their own app, to receive a shareable lock with a time limit.

When you’re away from your car, you use your app to borrow somebody else’s. That car can recognize your profile and customize itself to your preferences.

Lynk & Co plans to launch in China in 2018 and in the U.S. and Europe in early 2019 and will adopt a fixed, one-price only policy globally.

lynkco 01 city 17 1

2019 Lynk & Co 01 City.

lynkco 01 city 17 2

2019 Lynk & Co 01 City.

lynkco 01 city 17 4

2019 Lynk & Co 01 City.

lynkco 01 sport 17 1

2019 Lynk & Co 01 Sport.

lynkco 01 sport 17 2

2019 Lynk & Co 01 Sport.

lynkco 01 in 1 17

2019 Lynk & Co 01 interior.

lynkco 01 in 2 17

2019 Lynk & Co 01 interior.

lynkco 01 in 3 17

2019 Lynk & Co 01 interior.

lynkco 01 in 4 17

2019 Lynk & Co 01 interior.

lynkco 01 seat 2 17

2019 Lynk & Co 01 seat.

lynkco 01 seat 1 17

2019 Lynk & Co 01 seat.


2019 Lynk & Co 01 powertrain.

technology highlight 1

2019 Lynk & Co 01 technology highlights.

 lynkco logo

Lynk & Co logo.


Lynk & Co | Production-ready 01

Lynk & Co   Official site.
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