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The electric drive Microlino has two seats, a kerb weight of 450 kg, a range of 120 or 215 kilometers (bigger battery) and a maximum speed of 90 km/h, which is more than enough for an urban environment.

micro microlino 19 10

2019 Micro Microlino.

With just 2.4 meters length, the Microlino is ideal for cross-parking, the front-entrance enables getting out directly on the sidewalk. The selling price is around 12,000 Euros, less than a car, but a bit more than a motorbike. The Microlino can be recharged at any conventional domestic power socket in four hours, with a Type 2 connector in just one hour.

Choose your color.
Micro created the Microlino together with you. This is why they let their social media fans decide, which colors they would like to see the Microlino in. After receiving more than 4,000 answers, these are the eight color combinations chosen by the community.

micro microlino colors 19

Micro Microlino colors.

Charge everywhere.
Charging possibilities: on houseplug or Type 2 connector. Charging time: 4h (houseplug) / 1h (Type 2 connector). Lower investment: there is no need to set up a charging station at home.

Easy parking.
Cross-parking friendly: front-entrance enables getting out directly on the sidewalk. Space-saving: three Microlinos fit in one parking space. Faster parking: spend less time looking for a parking spot.

Unique concept.
Front-door: makes it easier to get inside of the car. Happy: no other car will make you smile more. Eye-catcher: get more looks than in a Ferrari.

Zero Emission: driving without remorse. 70% lighter: consumes less energy. 40% less parts: less pollution in production.

Production of the Microlino will start by the middle of 2018.

(source: Micro)

micro microlino 19 08

2019 Micro Microlino.

micro microlino 19 03

2019 Micro Microlino.

micro microlino 19 05

2019 Micro Microlino.

micro microlino 19 04

2019 Micro Microlino.

micro microlino 19 02

2019 Micro Microlino.

micro microlino 19 09

2019 Micro Microlino.

micro microlino 19 07

2019 Micro Microlino.

micro microlino 19 06

2019 Micro Microlino.

microlino poster

Micro Microlino.

micro logo

Micro logo.

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