Charron Girardot & Voigt

Puteaux, France.
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Em. Voigt was the sole importer of the Charron Girardot & Voigt, who's factory was located in Puteaux, France. Their New York office, which also offered repairs and spare parts was located tab. 244 West 69th Street.

They won the "First Gold Medal" (the highest) for 3 consecutive years at the Paris Salon in 1902, 1903 and 1904. for their 20 H.P. Landau. Their Paris showroom was located at 45 Avenue de la Grande Armee.

The company was later renamed Charron.

- Text from 1905 ad...
The motor cars sent to this country by the firm of Charron, Girardot & Voigt, of Puteaux, France, began to attract attention when wealthy men of New York City bought their third, fourth, and even fifth cars of this make in the one year, 1904-5.

The C. G. V. car has been favorably known abroad and used by royalty and the nobility in France and England for several years, but it was not until the season just passed when Em. Voigt, one of the firm, came to this country to introduce the car, that the name has sprung into real prominence here.

One of the earliest C. G. V. models is still running in New York City in perfect condition, after nearly 60,000 miles of the roughest use over American roads. When motorists of unlimited wealth buy more than one model of a car in the same season, no greater commendation of a car could be found.

In design the C. G. V. car is unquestionably superior to any other motor car ever manufactured, having the experience and ability of such famous motorists as CHARRON, winner of the first Gordon-Bennett Cup, and GIRARDOT, winner of the second Gordon-Bennett race, behind it.

In quality of material used and in workmanship the C. G. V. car positively cannot be surpassed, and in spite of its great success the firm will this year limit their output to 350 cars. This means that the same in finite care and labor necessary in turning out a perfect motor car will be seen in the 1906 product. There will be no "rushing" of the factory.

A splendid description of the features of the 1906 C. G. V. will be found in the October Motor, pages 44, 45 and 86, and this article, from the pen of a great mechanical expert, is worth reading by every motorist in this country.

The 1906 models are four in number, meeting every want, from the lower powered Town Car for the theatre, shopping, park riding, etc., to the 50 H. F. touring car, seating eight people comfortably, and with power enough to take this number over any hill or on any road.

The price ranges from $4,000 to $8,500, for the chassis delivered in this country. As the factory output is limited the number of cars for sale in the United States is comparatively small, and to insure prompt delivery it is advisable to place the order now. There is no need to wait for the show, for the C. G. V. car in design, workmanship and material is absolutely unsurpassed. Catalogue on request of Mr. Em. Voigt.

charron girardot voigt type

Charron Girardot & Voigt logotype.

charron girardot voigt landau 06

1906 Charron Girardot & Voigt Landau.

charron girardot voigt roslyn landaulet 06

1906 Charron Girardot & Voigt Roslyn Landaulet ad.

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