Duquesne Construction

Jamestown, NY. USA.
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The Duquesne Construction Company was founded in 1903 and moved to Jamestown, NY in 1904. Duquesne built an air cooled Touring Car in 1906 but closed the same year.

duquesne construction type

Duquesne Construction type.

1906 ad content:
There is no doubt about it— the DUQUESNE starts from the seat—by a forward pressure on a foot lever. No cranking is necessary. This is a distinct advance in the right direction— the elimination of the back-breaking crank.

That improvement is but a "straw which shows which way the wind blows." The DUQUESNE is a car of the advance kind —the kind that is and keeps ahead in the matter of improvements, serviceability, and all the other qualities which go to make a Superb car for use.

• 16-21 H. P. 4 cylinder, 4 cycle vertical motor, air-cooled.
• Valves: Intake and exhaust mechanically operated, interchangeable, Primary exhaust automatic.
• Ignition: Jump spark. Dry batteries.
• Carburetor: Float feed, spray type, automatic, very efficient.
• Transmission: Planetary, all spur gears, running in oil.
• Suspension: Three point flexible.
• Drive System: Direct drive by band gears and Duquesne triangular system.
• Speed: 3-40 miles per hour.
• Starts: from the seat with forward pressure on foot pedal.
• Body: Double side entrance, seats five comfortably.
• Color: Optional.
• Weight: 1,750 pounds.

• Brakes: In addition to two powerful expanding brakes on rear wheels that suffice to hold the car anywhere, the rear wheel brake drum, on either side, is fitted with internal out ratchet teeth, that will positively hold the car on any hill, however steep. This is especially desirable in case of accident or should the motor stop for any cause, as it absolutely prevents car from running backwards.

• Control: Spark and throttle lever arc arranged on top of steering wheel, but independent of the latter. The gear operating lever is arranged immediately below the wheel; the backward movement of this lever gives the slow speed forward, the forward movement the high speed. The reverse and brakes are operated by foot pedals.

• Interchangeability: Every part that enters into the mechanism of the Duquesne is standard and interchangeable. This is a great convenience, especially regarding repairs, and we are in position to forward repair parts the day order is received—a little big thing.

• Price: $2,000, witn full equipment. Two acetylene lamps, generator, oil side llaaimps, horn and tall lamp.

duquesne construction logo

Duquesne Construction trademark.

duqiesne ad 06

1906 Duquesne Construction ad.

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