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The HF symbol, short for "High Fidelity", owes its origin to the Lancia Hi. Fi. Club, which draws its members from loyal Lancia clients according to strict rules of elegibility which govern membership. The Club was founded in 1960 and the HF was taken as its logo.

lancia hf 5 5616w

Lancia HF emblem (with four elephant). (photo by Segura)

The transposition of the Initials H and F on certain sports cars followed in 1961, when customers started to race Flaminia Pinina Farina in Grand Turismo events.

The "consecration" came with the launch of the legendary Fulvia coupe, and it became the official logo of the Company's sports cars, starting with the 1966 Fulvia HF coupe which remained almost unbeatable on the world rallies, until the mythical Stratos appeared on the scene to dominate rallying from 1974 - 1978.

In the mean time the HF Racing Team had been founded in 1963, initially as a simple association of amateur drivers unofficially backed by Lancia, but becoming the official sporting branch of the Company in 1965.

The HF symbol was adopted again in 1983 for the Delta turbo and thereafter on the Delta 4WD and the Integrale. With the introduction of the Evolution model of the Integrale, the letters were combined with the galloping red elephant. The elephants had been on the original badges for the Fulvia HF and the Stratos, at that time there were four elephants displayed.

There are contrasting stories and legends regarding the origin of this elephant, including the simple "the elephant never forgets". It is known that in 1953 the then Managing Director of Lancia, Gianni Lancia, chose it as a good luck token for the Company's first racing appearances. The symbol of the galloping elephant apparently originates in Eastern mythology as an auspicious emblem or symbol of victory, providing the trunk is stretched forward. This is how the elephant chosen by Gianni Lancia was drawn, first in light blue and later as now in bright red.

(text source: Lancia Integrale)

lancia hf 4 5616w

Lancia HF emblem (with four elephant). (photo by Segura)

lancia hf 1 5616w

Lancia HF emblem (with one elephant). (photo by Segura)

lancia hf 2 5616w

Lancia HF emblem (with one elephant). (photo by Segura)

1969 lancia fulva coupe sport rallye 1.6 hf emblem 5616w

1969 Lancia Fulva Coupe Sport Rallye 1.6-HF emblem (with four elephants). (photo by Segura)

1969 lancia fulva coupe sport rallye 1.6 hf 5470w

1969 Lancia Fulva Coupe Sport Rallye 1.6-HF emblem. (photo by Segura)

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