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Detroit, Michigan USA.
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S&M Motors Company was from Detroit, Michigan at 1900 Mt. Elliott Avenue from 1913-1914 with a Brach at 3002 Broadway in New York.

sm logo

S&M logo.

From their 1913 ad...

The S&M Six is a new car in name, in value, in sales opportunities, but it is already an established car by reason that it is constructed through out of standard parts that represent the very highest achievement of the
best American parts makers. There is nothing in the S&M Six that has not already made its reputation.

This car is being built in Detroit. it embraces nothing but 1914 features, has not a left-over anywhere, will not strive for big quantity production and is built by men who, in addition to manufacturing experience, have had years of valuable experience in the selling end of the business of importing the highest priced, highest grade car in the world,—the Rolls-Royce—and high quality American cars.

In fact the S&M is brought out because their experience shows that at a medium price the market heretofore has offered no Six with all the right qualifications.

The right qualifications, as you will admit, are as follows: first—a Six—it is the ideal type, second—the best standard parts of the acknowledged specialists, third—light weight, meaning low upkeep, fourth—extraordinary beauty and lastly—a right price.

The photograph of the S&M and the specifications at the left tell the story to every experienced motorist and dealer. Continental for motors, Timken for axles and bearings, Gemmer for steering gears, Brown-Lipe for transmissions, Mayo for radiators, Warner for speedometers, McCue for wheels—to enumerate no further, show that, irrespective of price, the S&M for quality is not surpassed by any car of American or European manufacture.

This is the Six that dealers have not been able heretofore to supply. Keep this in mind—not a mere desire to be manufacturers, but an intimate knowledge of what the market demands is behind the S&M Six. That—plus the further knowledge gained from years of experience, that the car of standard parts, made by specialists, is the best car it is possible to produce and the most economical to produce.

There are other standardized cars. But there are no other cars with the quality of S&M standardization throughout.

The S&M Model lineup included:
5 passenger Touring Car $2485.00
7 passenger Touring Car 2535.00
2 passenger Roadster $2485.00
2 passenger Speedster 2485.00
7 passenger Berline Limousine $3750.00

sm six ad 13

1913 S&M Six spread ad.

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