Monza, Italy.
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Aznom automotive is the Aznom branch that deals with car customization and realization of car interiors, luggage sets and car accessories.

aznom logo

Aznom logo.

The Company started in 2006 approaching the leather bags world from a different point of view, not as a stylist but as designers. The company name, Aznom is the backwards of Monza.

Their designers have described the Aznom Palladium's unconventional appearance as a “hyper-limousine”. From the company based in Italy and founded Marcello Meregalli.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Palladium wants to retrace the steps of famous Italian coachbuilders from the past when each vehicle was truly handmade with care and passion.
As a matter of fact each and every one of the ten cars on the production schedule will be tailor-made for the client after having chosen the customization of every detail.

Aznom Palladium is really something unique, starting from its dimensions (just shy of 2 meters in height and almost 6 meters in length) positioning it unquestionably within the limousine realm, while its non-conventional appearance confers a powerful image equal only to its mechanical strength.

Capable of traversing any terrain with two- or four-wheel drive, Palladium is equipped with a 5.7 liter biturbo engine capable of delivering more than 700 hp and a torque of 950 Nm.

(source: Aznom)

aznom palladium 20 03

2020 Aznom Palladium.

aznom palladium 20 02

2020 Aznom Palladium.

aznom palladium 20 04

2020 Aznom Palladium.

aznom palladium 20 01

2020 Aznom Palladium.

aznom palladium 20 05

2020 Aznom Palladium.

aznom palladium 20 06

2020 Aznom Palladium emblem.

aznom palladium 20 07

2020 Aznom Palladium.

aznom palladium in 20 02

2020 Aznom Palladium door sill.

aznom palladium in 20 01

2020 Aznom Palladium interior.

Aznom Automotive   Official Site.
Aznom   Official Site.
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