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Theon Design evolved from Adam Hawley’s desire to build his own, perfect Porsche 911. Hawley, who heads up Theon Design, has over 20 years of experience as a car designer, having worked with BMW, Jaguar, Lotus and Lexus, Hawley has also worked with Airbus, as well as taken to the water to design for a powerboat manufacturer.

theon logo

Theon Design logo.

A lifelong Porsche fan Hawley’s dream was to own a 911 that was a little different; a restomod appealed, but Hawley was keen to utilise his own design, material and prototyping skills and experience to create a car that combined the best of the classic looks and driver involvement, but with the comforts of modern drivability.

Hawley’s own prototype went on to receive such praise that Theon Design was born, building cars with Hawley’s vision and exacting attention, but for customers.

To create Theon Design Hawley gathered a team of experts in all areas of automotive design, engineering, engine and chassis development, interior trimming and manufacture. Detail driven and design focussed, Theon Design approaches its builds as an original manufacturer does, using computer aided design and manufacture for prototyping and building, to ensure the very finest quality and finish.

Theon Design has an uncomplicated goal; to significantly enhance the iconic Porsche 911 experience to a different level in relation to style, interior trim, finish and convenience, performance, ride, handling and driver engagement as well as useability. As beautiful as the cars are, we also want our cars to be driven.

(source: Theon)

This Porsche (964) 911 Restomod by Theon Design has become my new dream car.

theon front

Theon Design Porsche (964) 911 front.

theon rear

Theon Design Porsche (964) 911 rear.

theon in

Theon Design Porsche (964) 911 interior.

theon engine

Theon Design Porsche (964) 911 engine bay.


Porsche (964) 911 Restomod by Theon Design: A British Singer?

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