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The product brand logo reflects what the competence center for striking low volume productions and innovative niche products of the Europe's largest automobile producer started in 2003 when establishing Volkswagen Individual GmbH - the project of dreams come true. Volkswagen Individual GmbH conceptualizes these dreams in three different business areas "Individual", "R" and "Product Impulses".

vw individual logo

The "i" emblem. The most exclusive automobiles of Volkswagen Individual GmbH can be recognized by its own logo starting in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Business area product brand "Individual".
Through the product brand Individual VW can offer a spectrum of possibilities unmatched by other high volume producers. It stretches from design oriented exclusive optional equipment to totally customized Exclusives. So far the options for individualization are offered for the Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta, Touran, Eos, Sharan, Passat, Passat Variant, Touareg and Phaeton.

Logo for two vehicle categories.
Starting at a certain level of upgrading these Individual models will be graced by the new "i" logo. Located in three different positions on the vehicle: on the outside the chrome-plated emblem will be placed on the sides of the front fenders. In the interior the Wolfsburg upgrading specialists have the sign imprinted into the leather of the front headrests. Additionally, the logo can be found in combination the spelled out "Individual" in the door entry area door entry area. The logo is used for two vehicle categories. First for complete models like the Golf Individual or Touareg Individual and second for vehicles built in series which are upgraded by at least one Individual seat system.

Graphic joins tradition and modern days.
From a graphic point of view the new logo of the product brand "Individual" brings three aspects together. Aspect 1 is self explanatory: the stylized letter "i" makes a typographical reference to the company and to its principal task, individualizing. Aspect 2 is clear to everyone the moment they set eyes on the side "face" of the Golf: the logo graces the graphic design of the front part with its headlights and radiator grill in an abstract way. Aspect 3 comes full circle to history: the shape of the emblem pays tribute to the brand history of Volkswagen: already the bow hood of the legendary Beetle was graced by the coat of arms of the city of Wolfsburg (starting 1951), later on being replaced by the round VW symbol.

Business area product brand "R".
Under the label of the product brand "R" extremely sporty Volkswagen are developed. The current Golf R32 is the first one of the R-models and in its high performance takes center stage.

Business area "Product Impulses".
In the business areas "Product Impulses" Volkswagen Individual sets a course and develops special series like the Polo GTI Cup Edition, the Cross Polo or the Touareg W12 Executive.

Special-Purpose Vehicles.
Last but not least, Volkswagen Individual GmbH also develops special-purpose vehicles for the police and other official usages such as the natural-gas powered Touran EcoFuel.

Corporation: Philosophy and business areas.
- Under the auspices of Volkswagen Individual GmbH, exclusive optional equipment vehicles as well as complete vehicles are built.
- Custom made solutions for all mobile avenues of society.

The demand for individualized complete vehicles and exclusive equipment features is constantly growing. Some drivers only wish for a stand-alone rim or their iPod to be integrated into the standard Volkswagen sound system. Others might be dreaming of a refined interior with special leather or wooden inlays. And then there is a large number of others dreaming of a vehicle individualized to the core.

In order to be able to fulfill all these dreams in a highly flexible manner and delivering them in convincing quality Volkswagen AG founded Volkswagen Individual GmbH in February 2003 based in Wolfsburg, Germany. Ever since, Volkswagen has been developing, manufacturing and marketing vehicles that come with a certain extra in regards to individuality, specialization and / or sportiness under the name of Volkswagen Individual. While at the same time under the roof of Volkswagen Individual high-end technical equipment and special-purpose vehicles for government use (e.g. police) and rescue units (e.g. ambulances) are developed and produced.

For almost all series of the high volume brand and in addition to the already existing programs, Volkswagen Individual GmbH offers high-end refinement when it comes to design oriented optional equipment or innovative upgradings. Volkswagen Individual has centered its program into three business areas "Individual", "R" and "Product Impulses" and covers everything from high end components to complete vehicles with especially elegant or sporty optional equipment ex-works and to implementing totally new vehicle concepts. Additionally, Volkswagen Individual GmbH?s staff of 207 manufactures singular vehicles, the Exclusive. The maximum range of feasibility can be found in the Exclusive "Phaeton Lounge", a unique long version of the luxury class models. All projects are conducted in close cooperation with Volkswagen's research and development department and with Volkswagen Design.

It is quite remarkable that through Volkswagen Individual all Volkswagen customers have access to a refinement program otherwise only known from luxury brands like Bentley. Assistance and consulting is offered through Volkswagen dealers and through an independent service-hotline. No matter if a Golf customer is looking for rims or a Touareg owner is selecting his individualized V10 TDI they can always expect a high level of expertise and proficiency.

Volkswagen Individual's Product Brands in Detail.
Volkswagen Individual: Under the label "Individual" the special division creates exclusive models as well as ex works individualization offers. The selection ranges from special outside paintwork, design oriented attachment parts and rims to noble applications and leather equipment in the interior and to entertainment systems.

So far, the Volkswagen Golf, Eos, Passat, Passat Variant and Touareg are the complete vehicles which are offered as "Individual Models". Furthermore, single elements of the Individual program can be combined with each other. This way, customers that don't decide on a complete Individual car have extensive possibilities to fine tune their car. For example the offer includes design packages with exclusive leather interior equipment, special body paint or modern entertainment systems.

The Volkswagen specialists offer a tailor-made "Individualization" for the Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta, Touran, Eos, Sharan, Passat, Passat Variant, Touareg and Phaeton. At the top of the service offers under the "Volkswagen Individual" label are the partially handmade individual items, which among other things distinguish the Exclusives.

Already with the first Golf R32, still based on the fourth Generation of the bestselling Golf, Volkswagen fulfilled the request for an exclusively equipped and particularly superior motorized lead Golf. 14.000 models were sold, far more than expected. Based on this success the idea was born to develop an entire series of R-models in the future, a typical job for Volkswagen Individual GmbH. Starting things off in 2005 was the second generation Golf R32, 184 kW / 250 hp strong and standard with the all wheel drive 4Motion. With this Golf, Volkswagen Individual not only put an extremely dynamic, but also very comfortable car on wheels. Character: superior understatement.

The special tasks of Volkswagen Individual in Detail.
- Product Impulses: With a high level of creativity Volkswagen Individual Inc. realizes complete vehicle projects on a regular basis. With these models innovation and lifestyle orientation take center stage. Examples for this are models such as, the Sharan Special, Touareg W12 Executive, Touareg W12 Sport Edition or Touareg Expedition. Furthermore, the specialists also develop new vehicle ideas for example crossover models. Crossover is a category that combines the best of two worlds. They are cars that fill market niches or create new ones. Here Volkswagen Individual has also developed a complete program which under the label with the additional name "Cross" melts two segments into a new one. The first model of this new series is the CrossPolo, introduced in 2006. The sharp four-door combines the advantages of a compact with the style elements of an SUV and therefore recommends itself as a practical and lifestyle oriented all round talent.

- Development services: As a partner of research and development, Volkswagen Individual creates complete special-purpose vehicles (e. g. police cars and ambulances) and equipment components for special-purpose vehicles (e.g. cars for handicapped and driving school cars). Another field of activity with increasing relevance in times of constantly rising gas prices is the development of propulsion alternatives. In taking that into account, the company is banking on natural gas as an especially economic and low emission energy source. The latest examples here are the Touran EcoFuel and Caddy Life EcoFuel.

(text & photos courtesy Volkswagen AG).

The Passat "Individual".
This vehicle combines outstanding design and an exclusive equipment specification. From the outside the special edition already catches the eye with luxury chrome trim and 18-inch alloy wheels. Its elaborate two-tone interior leather trim rounds off it sporty and elegant look.

The "Design Package" previously available from Volkswagen Individual for the Passat and Passat Estate has now been integrated into a separate special edition. Customers can now choose between light and dark chrome versions of the radiator grille, window surrounds, door strips, rear bumper, and model lettering. Added to this are the leather versions for the interior in Nappa Black with "Snow Beige" or Nappa Black with "Teak".

This is first Volkswagen vehicle to be enhanced with dark chrome, which requires a special coating process in which a metallic layer is applied to the vehicle parts. The result is a subtly lustrous, ultra-hard surface extremely resistant to scratches, wear, and corrosion.

The anthracite painted "Chicago" 18-inch alloy wheels with their five-double-spoke design and machine polished finish give the Passat "Individual" a special sporty look, further underlined by the 15 mm lower sports suspension. The wheel arch trim strips are painted black. The rear side windows and rear window are darkened.

In the interior both the "Sensitive" leather seats and the door trim have a two-tone leather look in Nappa Black/"Snow Beige" or Nappa Black/"Teak". The colourful theme continues in the decorative stitching on the three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and gearstick gaiter and the edging of the fabric floor mats. Dark, brushed aluminium inlays emphasise the interior's individual character.

Alongside the "Sportline" specification the special model is also equipped with fog lights, heated windscreen washer jets, heated front and rear seats which can be regulated separately, and two-zone "Climatronic" air conditioning system. The "RCD 300" radio-CD system with four speakers in the front completes the specification.

Available "Individual" models include...
-Touareg Individual
-Golf Individual
-Passat Individual
-Passat Variant Individual
-Eos Individual


Volkswagen Individual emblem on the side fender of a VW Phaeton.


Volkswagen Individual type and logo on the door sill of a VW Phaeton.


Volkswagen Individual logo stamped on the headrests of a VW Phaeton.

volkswagen 5

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